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US-9828531-B2: Waterborne adhesives patent, US-9833979-B2: Seal provided with non-adhesive holding part on top surface thereof and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-9850502-B2: Mutant yeast strain with decreased glycerol production patent, US-9860209-B2: Stateful connection processing in a security device cluster patent, US-9879801-B2: Conduit stake patent, US-8616630-B1: Tailgating picnic bench and table combination patent, US-8627910-B1: Collapsible small-scale electric transportation system patent, US-8659918-B2: Method of controlling power conversion device patent, US-8703791-B2: 3-carboxypropyl-aminotetralin derivatives and related compounds as mu opioid receptor antagonists patent, US-8714157-B2: Mask patent, US-8777198-B2: Substrate holding apparatus, substrate holding method, and substrate processing apparatus patent, US-8895335-B1: Impurity-induced disorder in III-nitride materials and devices patent, US-8909824-B1: Techniques for processing data fragments in communication devices patent, US-8951154-B2: Hydraulic tensioner patent, US-8968056-B2: System for machining the running surface on skis and snowboards patent, US-8969585-B2: Method for producing optically active compound or salt thereof patent, US-8971817-B2: Communication apparatus and communication method, computer program, and communication system patent, US-9052763-B2: Electronic device having a display displaying a symbol indicating execution of a function patent, US-9060693-B2: Visual function testing device patent, US-9069021-B2: Apparatus and method for measuring electrical work patent, US-9091410-B2: Backlight unit and display using the same patent, US-9106068-B2: Quick-release cord grip patent, US-9108275-B2: Bi-material strip and a method of bonding strips of different materials together patent, US-9126450-B2: Offset printing process using light controlled wettability patent, US-9138861-B2: CMP pad cleaning apparatus patent, US-9147123-B2: System and method to perform feature detection and to determine a feature score patent, US-9173430-B1: Carbonating beverages and check valve useful therein patent, US-9194691-B2: High-speed volume measurement system and method patent, US-9228456-B2: Valve drive of an internal combustion engine patent, US-9232637-B2: Knitted textile substrate with different stitch patterns and electronic textile patent, US-9238949-B2: Wellbore casing section with moveable portion for providing a casing exit patent, US-9251646-B2: Integrating chat and wagering games patent, US-9253328-B2: Unified communications using called party location patent, US-9261590-B1: Adaptive algorithms for interrogating the viewable scene of an automotive radar patent, US-9268270-B2: Image heating apparatus patent, US-9279514-B2: Air release valve patent, US-9298284-B2: System and method for optically-based active stylus input recognition patent, US-9306437-B2: Method for producing a stator patent, US-9334827-B2: Agricultural working machine patent, US-9362767-B2: Portable wireless communication device patent, US-9389906-B2: Latency agnostic transaction buffer for request-grant protocols patent, US-9397364-B2: Electric storage device and electric storage apparatus patent, US-9398863-B2: Detection of anomalies in measurement of level of hypnosis patent, US-9402253-B2: Method for signaling control information, and apparatus therefor patent, US-9421439-B2: Grip for a golf club patent, US-9471693-B2: Location awareness using local semantic scoring patent, US-9491148-B2: Establishing a direct connection between two devices patent, US-9506044-B2: Polypeptides having peroxygenase activity and polynucleotides encoding same patent, US-9519164-B2: Systems and methods for mura calibration preparation patent, US-9528550-B2: Sliding bearing patent, US-9535050-B2: Fluid quality monitoring and filtration system patent, US-9536133-B2: Display apparatus and control method for adjusting the eyes of a photographed user patent, US-9555238-B2: Safe device for iontophoretic delivery of drugs patent, US-9557247-B2: Sensor module for detecting an operating parameter, method for monitoring a sensor module patent, US-9582646-B2: Connected patient monitoring system and method to provide patient-centric intelligent monitoring services patent, US-9602806-B1: Stereo camera calibration using proximity data patent, US-9608464-B2: Control device, electric storage system, electronic device, electric vehicle, and electric power system to boot up a power source patent, US-9609598-B2: Power control performance for user equipment patent, US-9625600-B2: Systems and methods for removal of swell noise in marine electromagnetic surveys patent, US-9665749-B2: Passive transponder with a charging circuit patent, US-9667334-B2: Method and apparatus for transmitting common signal in hybrid beamforming patent, US-9690284-B2: Machine tool for chamfering and chamfering method patent, US-9713204-B2: Microwave oven having a hood patent, US-9733851-B2: Shifting a defrag operation in a mirrored system patent, US-9783025-B2: Method for cooling and/or heating media, preferably in a motor vehicle, and a sorptive heat and cold storage system patent, US-9824223-B2: System and method for automated remedying of security vulnerabilities patent, US-9829500-B2: Speed monitoring device patent, US-9831865-B2: RC-IGBT switching pulse control patent, US-9831917-B2: Electric field coupling type wireless electric power transmitting system and electric power receiving apparatus included in the same patent, US-9839406-B2: Charger for electronic grid holders and detectors stored at mobile radiographic imaging apparatus and methods for using the same patent, US-9864110-B2: Light diffuser and use thereof patent, US-8637361-B2: Semiconductor nanostructures, semiconductor devices, and methods of making same patent, US-8652452-B2: 2,4-disubstituted pyridines as perfuming ingredients patent, US-8718794-B2: Method for indicating embedment of a helical anchor in cardiac tissue via fluoroscopy patent, US-8724964-B2: Managing multiple user locks and deletion requests for a digital video recorder patent, US-8732573-B2: Visual display of room information patent, US-8733679-B2: Shredder and shredding method for vegetative material patent, US-8737061-B2: Heat dissipating apparatus patent, US-8743219-B1: Image rotation correction and restoration using gyroscope and accelerometer patent, US-8746135-B2: Accumulating and strapping apparatus patent, US-8763955-B1: Method and apparatus for controlling a refueling drogue patent, US-8764077-B2: Vehicle door lock device patent, US-8768174-B2: Modulation device and modulation method, and demodulation device and demodulation method patent, US-8792163-B2: Low order adaptive optics by translating secondary mirror of off-aperture telescope patent, US-8794631-B2: Method of manufacturing of a compliant plate seal assembly patent, US-8808073-B2: Air passage open/close device patent, US-8812671-B2: Arrangements and methods for access to stored data patent, US-8853303-B2: Recycled crumb rubber coating patent, US-8854630-B2: Position-measuring device patent, US-8876397-B2: Liquid lubricating tapered roller bearing device patent, US-8882751-B2: Wire guided thrombectomy device patent, US-8901757-B2: System and method for converting a gas product derived from electrolysis to electricity patent, US-8902650-B2: Memory devices and operating methods for a memory device patent, US-8908477-B2: Method for authenticating an electronic watch and electronic watch for implementing the method patent, US-8910330-B1: Cuddling pillow patent, US-8925474-B2: Machine and method for sewing, embroidering, quilting and/or the like patent, US-8927939-B2: Radiation measurement apparatus and nuclear medicine diagnosis apparatus patent, US-8930276-B2: Method of multiple algorithm processing of biometric data patent, US-8941554-B2: Anti-backlash device patent, US-8950961-B2: Methods and apparatus for applying filler material onto an object patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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